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North Texas Veterinary Clinic strives to provide high-quality veterinary care at a reasonable price. We also offer monthly discounts and promotions to help pet owners afford to keep their pets happy and healthy.

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Comprehensive exams include: checking your pet's temperature, respiration rate, pulse, body weight, eyes, ears, and throat; It also includes doing an oral exam on gums and teeth to check for tartar and infections. The skin is also checked for abnormalities including allergies, tumors and external parasites; the heart and lungs are checked as well as the abdomen for enlarged organs, masses or areas of pain; legs, feet and joints are also checked for abnormalities. This is also a time for you, the pet owner, to ask Dr. James any questions or concerns you may have about your pet's health.

Laser Therapy can help revitalize your pet's quality of life

-Improves and Promotes Healing
-Faster Recovery Time
-Increases Joint Flexibility
-Relieves Joint pain and Reduces Spasm


Successful uses and treatments include: