ultrasound imaging


An Ultrasound gives us the ability to view the inside of your pet’s internal organs in a real-time manner. What can a pet ultrasound detect? It is used frequently for pregnancy detection, but also to have a better view of organs that do not show up very well on an x-ray. North Texas Vet Clinic in Keller, Texas has the capability to perform most ultrasounds, but also uses a mobile service for more complex cases.

Complex Ultrasound Procedure

This service includes a board-certified veterinarian and ultrasound specialist who comes directly to the clinic and not only performs the ultrasound, but given he is an internal specialist, he will give a detailed report and diagnosis for your pet to help assist you and your Veterinarian on the necessary steps for the future. Call or visit North Texas Veterinary to set up a cat or dog ultrasound or for any other pets you have.

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