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Pre-Surgical Bloodwork

Your pet will be undergoing general anesthesia for a dental procedure today. In order to recognize any underlying abnormalities your pet may have, we recommend having a pre-surgical blood profile run on your pet. This consists of a CBC, which will check blood cells, and an ALT, ALKP, CREA, GLU, TP and BUN, which will check blood glucose, kidney and liver enzymes.

These blood tests will help us to assess the health status of your pet more completely and determine if there are any additional precautions we need to take before the dental procedure. We do require a blood profile for pets over 5 years old. We hope you understand the need for these important tests and the benefits they can have for your pet’s health.

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Dental Extractions

During the dental procedure, it may be determined by the veterinarian that extractions are needed. A tooth extraction is necessary when a tooth has decay and infection around the root, which can be transmitted to the blood stream, leading to health problems with the heart and other organs. By signing this form you are agreeing to this policy and giving permission to the veterinarian to proceed with any extractions that he/she feels medically necessary for the health of your pet.
As a courtesy, if there are 4 or more teeth that need extracting, the veterinarian can attempt to call you before proceeding, if you wish. Please check one of the following:

By signing below, you give North Texas Veterinary Clinic and their veterinarians the right to put your pet under anesthesia for a dental procedure. You also acknowledge and agree that all information noted on this form is true and correct.

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