Radiowave Surgery

Radiowave Surgery: At North Texas Veterinary Clinic, we utilize an Ellman Surgitron, which is a high frequency radiosurgical device, which requires no pressure on the skin. Cells are simply vaporized in the path of the radio waves, causing them to split apart. This promotes faster healing with minimal scarring, and helps to minimize and even eliminate post-operative unfavorable conditions such as trauma, pain, swelling, and infection. The Ellman Surgitron virtually eliminates the need for a surgical blade, resulting in minimal tissue trauma, while also providing maximum hemorrhage control and pinpoint coagulation. Some of the surgeries NTVC provides, include castrations (neuters), ovariohysterectomies (spays), tumor removals, cryptorchid removals, hernia repair, ophthalmic surgeries, and many others. All spay and neuter surgeries include in the price IV catheters, IV fluids, Sevo (a high-quality, human-grade anesthesia), laser therapy (promotes faster healing and minimizes pain), a post-operative pain injection (also helps prevent licking at surgery site), and take-home pain medicines. We do not like to surprise pet owners with these additional costs in the end, so we include everything in the base price. Want to compare our surgery prices with other clinics? Click here for our price compare form.

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