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Online Pharmacy Policy

This day in age, we are all trying to get what we need in the most cost-effective and convenient way possible. We get it! And what could be easier than having something delivered straight to your doorstep? However, just because something is low-cost and convenient, doesn’t always mean it is the best or the safest. Over the last 10 years, dozens of pet-related online pharmacies have popped up, trying to get a piece of the pie by offering consumers the cheapest medication possible. However, the old saying, “you get what you pay for” also applies when it comes to internet pharmacies. For years, there have been many concerns raised from Veterinarians, drug manufacturers and consumers on product safety and effectiveness of medications purchased from online pharmacies. The first question is, how are these pharmacies getting their medications? Some online pharmacies purchase their products through the black market or diverters. Diverters purchase mass quantities of product from the manufacturer and then resell it to the pharmacies. In some cases, the product has turned out to be counterfeit or from another country. The FDA estimates that upwards of 40% of all medications dispensed through online pharmacies are counterfeit, impure, out-of-date or near out-of-date, or have been stored improperly. Several internet pharmacies have been sued and significantly fined for violation of state prescription laws. One of our own doctor’s has even had their signature reused by a well-known online pharmacy to approve a medication refill he/she did not authorize. We’ve also seen on numerous occasions where the product purchased (mainly heartworm preventative) was not effective due to being outdated and the expiration date falsely changed. 

Out of concern for your pet and the fact that we cannot control the safety nor effectiveness of what might be sent to you from other online pharmacies, the Veterinarians of North Texas Veterinary Clinic will not authorize prescriptions requested from online pharmacies. Due to the risk of losing their professional license over a misused signature or falsely approved medications, the Veterinarians of NTVC would like to ere on the side of caution. However, with that being said, we are proud to offer you reliable, trusted home delivery through a platform we trust – Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy. Vets First Choice purchases its products straight from the drug manufacturers. With Vets First Choice, we are able to keep track of all of our patients who are currently taking medications, and can see when they last ordered it. We also have the peace of mind that the medications they are receiving are genuine, stored properly and from a reliable source. Medications purchased through Vets First Choice are also backed by the manufacturers’ guarantee that if the products are purchased through a Veterinarian the manufacturer will pay for the treatment of any illness their label guarantees to prevent or treat (for example, if you purchase a heartworm preventative through Vets First Choice (or directly through our clinic) and your pet takes it consistently without a lapse, but still develops heartworm disease, the manufacturer will pay for your pet’s entire heartworm treatment. This guarantee only applies when purchased through a Veterinarian). And…Vets First Choice is competitively priced with other online pharmacies so that you can still enjoy savings! They will also send coupon codes to your email each month for additional savings. If you need assistance with coupons, give us a call! We usually have a promo code that you can use!

Vets First Choice home delivery works in 3 simple steps that fit your life: ​

  1. Place your order from home or see our hospital staff for assistance.
  2. Your Veterinarian will approve your order.
  3. Products arrive on time, right to your door.

Clients who wish to purchase a medication through Vets First Choice must meet the minimum requirements:

  1. Pet(s) must have an annual wellness exam by the veterinarian at our clinic.
  2. Pet(s) must have required bloodwork and diagnostic testing up-to-date, if needed.
  3. Dogs needing heartworm preventative medications must have a heartworm test, performed within the last year, and with a negative result, on file at our clinic.

If, in a given situation, there is a medication that is not available on Vets First Choice and we are not able to get it, the veterinarians of NTVC will gladly work with you to find an alternative route.  However, North Texas Vet staff will not fax, mail, email, or call-in any prescriptions to any other online pharmacy, nor will they approve any faxed or phone call requests received from other online pharmacies.  Faxing a prescription can result in the use of that doctors signature in unauthorized situations. The decision not to support other internet pharmacies is not an economic one, but one of safety.  Our first concern is the health of your pet and that means ensuring the accuracy and safety of what we are prescribing.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.