veterinarian providing dental check-up to a cat

Dental Care

Pet Dental Care includes: Ultrasonic scaling/cleaning of your dog or cat’s teeth, as well as probing of the gum line to check for any deep pockets or abscesses; After cleaning, teeth will be polished and the entire mouth is given a fluoride treatment. Radiographs are also performed during this time, to check for tooth root abscesses and decreased bone density.

Tooth Removal

If needed, tooth extractions may need to be performed  – ranging from retained baby teeth, to more complex extractions which will require a high speed drill in order to remove. To help your pet deal with any pain that may occur, dental blocks are always performed, and to help your pet feel comfortable after returning home, we will send home pain medications. To help speed up recovery time after the extractions occur, we utilize a compound that will also increase bone growth. Visit or call North Texas Veterinary in Keller, Texas for pet teeth removal and cleaning services.

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