We carry a wide variety of prescription medicines in our clinic, including heartworm prevention, flea preventative, antibiotics, pain medicines, ophthalmics, ear medicines and cleaners, antihistamines, supplements, etc. We also have an online pharmacy for medications that we do not carry in clinic. Our online pharmacy is competitively priced, convenient, and extremely safe. Meds are delivered directly to owner’s doorsteps. Click for more details. At NTVC, we carry Purina Veterinary Prescription Diets and various Royal Canin prescription formulas. These brands have proven clinical effectiveness, and have had high palatability with our patients. Each diet is specifically designed to treat a certain type of medical condition in your pet. Click here for a list of diets. Please inquire with us if you think your pet might benefit from one of these diets. If we do not carry a specific prescription food in our clinic, please check our online pharmacy, as they have a wide variety that can be shipped directly to you.  

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