dog being given medicine drops from a person

Pain Management

Pain Management: Human pain, as well as pain within our pets, is a very complex and integrated process. Types of pain range from acute pain to chronic pain, and everything in between, such as break through pain, wind-up pain, myofascial pain, and neuropathic pain – it can be quite confusing. At North Texas Veterinary Clinic in Keller, Texas we tailor each pain management case specifically to the pet’s situation, depending on the type of pain that they are experiencing.

Medication for Pain Management

We utilize pet medication from a multitude of different drug classes, as well as supplements and dietary formulas to make your loved ones feel comfort and relief. When approaching the management of pain from several different aspects, our goal is to make your pet as comfortable as possible by maximizing the positive effects of the animal medication, while minimizing the negative side effects caused by using too much of one drug. 

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