North Texas Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer the best in veterinary care. We are a full-service animal hospital with dozens of capabilites in equipment right at our fingertips. Our services are designed to help your pets live long healthy lives, by preventing illnesses before they occur and thus saving pet owners tons of money in the long run.

Preventative Care

Preventative Care includes: Vaccinations, Heartworm and Parasite Prevention, Health Certificates and Wellness Exams (exams include checking temperature, respiration rate, pulse, body weight, eyes, ears, and throat; It also includes doing an oral exam on gums and teeth to check for tartar and infections. The skin is also checked for abnormalities including allergies, tumors and external parasites; the heart and lungs are checked as well as the abdomen for enlarged organs, masses or areas of pain; legs, feet and joints are also checked for abnormalities).

Diagnostic Care

Diagnostic Care includes: In-house lab -  Ear Cytology (microscopic examination of ears checking for bacterial and/or yeast infections); Blood Parasite Screen (checks blood for heartworm infections); Fecal Flotation Test (checks feces for intestinal parasites); Feline Leukemia and FIV Tests; Canine Pancreatic Tests; Aspirate and microscopic evaluations of tumors, lumps, or bumps; We also utilize IDEXX Laboratories, a reputable reference lab, for any other necessary diagnostics which we can send out.

Dental Care

Dental Care includes: Ultrasonic scaling/cleaning of your pet's teeth, as well as probing of the gum line to check for any deep pockets or abscesses; After cleaning, teeth will be polished and the entire mouth is given a fluoride treatment. Radiographs are also performed during this time, to check for tooth root abscesses and decreased bone density. If needed, tooth extractions may need to be performed  - ranging from retained baby teeth, to more complex extractions which will require a high speed drill in order to remove. To help your pet deal with any pain that may occur, dental blocks are always performed, and to help your pet feel comfortable after returning home, we will send home pain medications. To help speed up recovery time after the extractions occur, we utilize a compound that will also increase bone growth. 

Pain Management

Pain Management: Human pain, as well as pain within our pets, is a very complex and integrated process. Types of pain range from acute pain to chronic pain, and everything in between, such as break through pain, wind-up pain, myofascial pain, and neuropathic pain - it can be quite confusing. At North Texas Veterinary Clinic, we tailor each pain management case specifically to the pet's situation, depending on the type of pain that they are experiencing. We utilize medicine from a multitude of different drug classes, as well as supplements and dietary formulas to make your loved ones feel comfort and relief. When approaching the management of pain from several different aspects, our goal is to make your pet as comfortable as possible by maximizing the positive effects of the treatments, while minimizing the negative side effects caused by using too much of one drug. See also Laser Therapy below.


Radiowave Surgery

Digital Radiography

Radiowave Surgery: At North Texas Veterinary Clinic, we utilize an Ellman Surgitron, which is a high frequency radiosurgical device, which requires no pressure on the skin. Cells are simply vaporized in the path of the radio waves, causing them to split apart. This promotes faster healing with minimal scarring, and helps to minimize and even eliminate post-operative unfavorable conditions such as trauma, pain, swelling, and infection. The Ellman Surgitron virtually eliminates the need for a surgical blade, resulting in minimal tissue trauma, while also providing maximum hemorrhage control and pinpoint coagulation. Some of the surgeries NTVC provides, include castrations (neuters), ovariohysterectomies (spays), tumor removals, cryptorchid removals, hernia repair, ophthalmic surgeries, and many others. All spay and neuter surgeries include in the price IV catheters, IV fluids, Sevo (a high-quality, human-grade anesthesia), laser therapy (promotes faster healing and minimizes pain), a post-operative pain injection (also helps prevent licking at surgery site), and take-home pain medicines. We do not like to surprise pet owners with these additional costs in the end, so we include everything in the base price. Want to compare our surgery prices with other clinics? Click here for our price compare form.



Digital Radiography, otherwise known as x-rays, are a very important tool in veterinary medicine because they can show what is going on within your pet's body. X-rays show the heart, lungs, reproductive organs, gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system. They can also detect foreign bodies, such as toys or socks, within the stomach or intestines, and identify bone fractures and large masses. North Texas Vet Clinic uses a digital x-ray machine so images are created instantly and owners are able to see results on a plasma monitor. All images are stored electronically and easily transferrable to CD, which can then be retained by pet owners or sent to a board certified radiologist for consultation.




Pharmacy & Prescription Diets

An Ultrasound gives us the ability to view the inside of your pet's internal organs in a real-time manner. It is used frequently for pregnancy detection, but also to have a better view of organs that do not show up very well on an x-ray. North Texas Vet Clinic has the capability to perform most ultrasounds, but also uses a mobile service for more complex cases. This service includes a board-certified veterinarian and ultrasound specialist who comes directly to the clinic and not only performs the ultrasound, but given he is an internal specialist, he will give a detailed report and diagnosis for your pet to help assist you and your Veterinarian on the necessary steps for the future. 



Pharmacy & Prescription Diets: We carry a wide variety of prescription medicines in our clinic, including heartworm prevention, flea preventative, antibiotics, pain medicines, ophthalmics, ear medicines and cleaners, antihistamines, supplements, etc. We also have an online pharmacy for medications that we do not carry in clinic. Our online pharmacy is competitively priced, convenient, and extremely safe. Meds are delivered directly to owner's doorsteps. Click for more details. At NTVC, we carry Purina Veterinary Prescription Diets and various Royal Canin prescription formulas. These brands have proven clinical effectiveness, and have had high palatability with our patients. Each diet is specifically designed to treat a certain type of medical condition in your pet. Click here for a list of diets. Please inquire with us if you think your pet might benefit from one of these diets. If we do not carry a specific prescription food in our clinic, please check our online pharmacy, as they have a wide variety that can be shipped directly to you.  



Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy works in a number of ways to heal injuries and manage pain. Among them, it increases the release of endorphins (natural painkillers), it decreases inflammation, which helps return tissue to a normal state, and it restores metabolic function. North Texas Vet Clinic uses laser therapy for pain management, to promote wound healing, to reduce inflammation and swelling, and for rehabilitation in small animals. We also include laser therapy with most surgical procedures to treat post-operative pain and kick-start the healing process. Check out the video on the right for more information, or if you feel your pet might be a good candidate for laser therapy, call us to find out about the packages we offer.



Laser Therapy with K-Laser